About the Israeli Society for Complementary Medicine (ISCM)

The Israeli Society for Complementary Medicine and its members

The Israeli Society for Complementary Medicine (ISCM) is a multi-disciplinary professional body representing the field of complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) within the Israeli Medical Association (IMA). Founded in 2002, the ISCM brings together a group of nearly 200 physicians, non-medical complementary medicine practitioners, nurses and other healthcare professionals, promoting the integration of evidence-based CIM clinical practices in the conventional healthcare and medical education setting. The Society provides a platform for collaborative multi-disciplinary research in the field, while ensuring equitable, diverse and inclusive patient care. As part of its activities within the IMA, the ISCM is responsible for the drafting of policy papers on CIM practices for the healthcare system in Israel.

The activities of the ISCM include monthly and annual scientific events, as well as meetings for special interest groups among its members. Through its collaboration with other member societies of the IMA, ISCM seeks to enable patients to make informed evidence-based decisions on the safe and effective use of CIM for their medical care.

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The Israeli Society for Complementary Medicine (ISCM)
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